During the last weeks of January, coinciding with a wave of intense cold in Spain, the price of electricity has increased to levels of highs. Participation in various radio and television programs to provide more information on the reasons for such an increase.

 Teleberri eta Gaur Egun ETB

Ahoz aho ETB

En jake ETB

Ganbara Radio Euskadi

¡Qué me estás contando! ETB

Boulevard Radio Euskadi

Orduz orduko albistegiak Euskadi Irratia


ARGITU pilot program, promoted by the Department of Environment and Hydraulic Works of Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa, has come to an end with a very positive results especially in the commitment and interest showed by the participants to know better and act more proactively on their energy consumption at home. A program that will continue in the future with another format but the same goals, a society committed to a new energy model. Link to the report.

Service provider, along with LKS engineering, for the public society IHOBE in the "Identification of good practices in the Basque Country from the application of the nature-based solutions". The result of the project will be a list of 50 performances and comprehensive technical data sheets of the most relevant 15.

Energy Manager at TOLOSALDEA GARATZEN, the Agency of regional development, for the implementation of the actions contained in the regional energy plan: technical advisory, fairs, training workshops, action to reduce energy poverty, raising awareness, call for the Bureau of energy.

Link to the Plan.

Contributor and moderator of the conference on "Efficiency: past, present and future" held in San Sebastian, ENERTIC building, and driven by Kursaal Integrales Rehabilitaciones and Fomento de San Sebastián. The working day consisted of a block of presentations, a guided tour to two singular building projects and a networking session.


As part of my commitment to combat climate change I have calculated the carbon footprint of my professional activity during 2015. I have chosen the tool provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, easy to use, and the water and energy consumption data provided by the smart meters at my office.